10-april-2020 - Takis candidate vaccines against Covid-19 induce a strong antibody response

We are proud to announce that the results of our first study on animal models are extremely positive. After a single dose, our five candidate DNA-based vaccines were able to induce a strong antibody response against the Covid-19 Spike protein in just 14 days. Vaccines were administered to animals through DNA-electroporation, which enhances vaccine uptake and recruit immune cells at the site of injection.

Such results in pre-clinical models demonstrate the immunogenicity of our candidate vaccines; two of them, in particular, induced the strongest antibody production. This makes us cautiously optimistic about the development of the best candidate for a future clinical study.

We are now looking for funding and collaborations in order to speed up the process in the next months.

31 March 2020 – Have a look at Takis labs on Sky-TG24!

Sky-TG24 has dedicated a television report about Takis and our vaccine against Covid-19. Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO of Takis and Evvivax, and Emanuele Marra, Director of Infectious Diseases Area, have shown the laboratories and research facilities where we are carrying out the development of a genetic Covid-19  vaccine. 

Our researchers have been working tirelessly for weeks and have recently started testing our 5 candidate vaccines on animals. Results are expected by the end of April.

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31 March 2020 – Takis on the Italian TV program “Otto e mezzo”

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO of Takis and Evvivax, in Skype connection on the Italian TV program “Otto e mezzo” conducted by Lilli Gruber.

They talked about the economic impact of Covid-19 and the efforts of researchers all over the world  to find therapeutics and vaccines against the coronavirus. The coordinated work of EMA (European Medicins Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may speed up vaccine testing and approval process, which may take about one year.

Takis and the other companies and research institutes that are developing vaccines are working together and sharing data and information in order to learn from each other and reach the goal as soon as possible. This is not a race: even if only one finds a vaccine, we all win.

Hopefully this is a big paradigm shift for scientists, drug developers and regulators. Furthermore, this can be a chance for Italy to start believing and investing a little more in scientific research and development.

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https://bit.ly/2JulYIL - https://bit.ly/2xMLMwT




25 March 2020 – Takis on the Italian TV program “Presa Diretta”

Have a look at our young and talented researchers while they are working on the development of Covid-19 vaccine in our laboratories based in Castel Romano!

Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO of Takis and Evvivax, explains in Skype connection on “Presa Diretta” what we are doing in our Labs to create a genetic vaccine against Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus.

We realized a prototype and we are going to test it on animal models. We are also making contact with foreign companies for large sclae production and raising funds for the clinical trial.

Research never stops.

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24 Marzo 2020 - Takis e il Dr Ascierto insieme per combattere il COVID-19

Da anni, l’istituto Pascale di Napoli è alla frontiera dell’Immunoterapia del Cancro. I ricercatori ed i medici rappresentano non solo l’eccellenza italiana, ma anche mondiale per l’attuazione di strategie terapeutiche e combinazioni di farmaci a beneficio dei pazienti.

La Takis e il Dr Paolo Ascierto sono collaboratori da anni per lo sviluppo di vaccini contro il melanoma e di terapie innovative, come gli anticorpi monoclonali. Conoscendo bene la nostra Tecnologia, che ha buone probabilità di successo anche contro il COVID-19 è logico pensare alla collaborazione tra le due istituzioni per lo sviluppo ed uno studio clinico, a maggior ragione dopo i successi ottenuti con il Tocilizumab.

Dopo i recenti servizi giornalistici che non rendono onore all’impegno quotidiano dei nostri scienziati e del Pascale, la Takis è e sarà sempre a fianco del Dr Ascierto.  Siamo orgogliosi della sua collaborazione e contiamo di portare il più presto possibile un vaccino contro il COVID-19 alla fase clinica con lui.


For donations: https://www.gofundme.com/f/il-vaccino-italiano-contro-covid19

23 March 2020 – Takis on “Il Corriere”: from cancer immunotherapy to Covid-19 vaccine

Takis is an Italian company, founded by a small group of researchers who never thought of leaving Italy, despite the difficulty in doing good scientific research in this country .

This is a story of sacrifices, but also of success. After years of research in the field of anticancer immunotherapy, our experience has led us to take the field against Covid-19. We can and must help fight this pandemics.

We are proud not to have given up and to represent the excellence of Italian research in Europe and worldwide.

Read the article: https://bit.ly/3dNPOFV