Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is the main national meeting of matchmaking and updating in the field of Life Sciences.

With the participation of 420 organizations from 37 countries, the meeting is a can’t-miss appointment for anyone working in the health sector, interested as we are in technological innovations and scientific research.
Working in Life Sciences is a challenging experience, but we trust the potential of the sector to promote the transition towards the future of medicine and health and contribute to the growth and well-being of the society.

We are glad to sponsor such an exceptional scientific event for our country, taking place at the Sapienza University of Rome. This is an extraordinary platform where scientists at the forefront of life sciences can meet and exchange results and ideas in a highly stimulating scientific environment.
Can you not only enjoy interesting topics in the major areas of biology, but also meet Takis and explore our opportunities.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

Fighting cancer by exploiting the immune system is a very promising field of research. From the earliest stages of tumorigenesis, immune cells function as guardians, prematurely destroying the mutated and potentially cancerous cells, In fact, immuno-compromised subjects, with a functional deficiency of their immune system, suffer from an increased incidence of tumor formations.

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