Custom Antibodies

Generation of monoclonal antibodies by DNA-EGT

At Takis we have successfully developed DNA-EGT, a unique strategy for efficient antibody generation.

  • DNA-EGT is more efficient than protein immunization
  • Suitable for poorly immunogenic antigens
  • Can be combined with immunomodulators

Example: comparison of Protein vs DNA-EGT for a poorly immunogenic antigen in tolerant mice 

custom antibodes example


DNA-EGT and mAbs generation: a fast and efficient methodology

No antigen synthesis/expression required

Appropriate molecular engineering

  • Codon optimization
  • Secretory leader sequence
  • Fusion with immunoenhancing moieties

Endogenous expression of the antigen by muscle and antigen-presenting cells

Induction of conformational antibodies

Combination with immunomodulators to increase POS


Monoclonal Antibodies Workflow

custom antibodes workflow

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