A Personalized Vaccine Against Cancer: this is the ambitious goal of Biogem Research Institute and Takis Biotech. Immuno-oncology  has shown that by unlocking the immune system, extraordinary clinical results that lead to recognition and elimination of tumor cells can be achieved.

Newspaper il sole 24 ore Takis

The possibility of sequencing the genome of a tumor at relatively low costs, known as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows to find that tumors have many mutations recognizable by the Immune system, called neo-antigens."Cancer is an astounding complex disease and Biogem is studying the mechanisms for making  it more curable. Thanks to AIRC support,we expect our discoveries to be translated in concrete therapeutic opportunities in the next years, "says the president of Biogem Ortensio  Zecchino.

"The combination of NGS and immunotherapy features today the most advanced research in Oncology. With very encouraging results, we are developing innovative genetic vaccines and technologies able to induce powerful immune responses against Cancer in combination with current therapies, with the aim of treating  the patient within 4 weeks from diagnosis, "states Luigi Aurisicchio, group leader at Biogem and CEO of Takis.

The collaboration between Biogem and Takis represents an important step forward in Italian Research towards precision medicine as an revolutionary approach for the management and care of Oncology patients.