We are proud to host Prof. Luigina Romani and are very keen to learn about new discoveries done in her laboratory.

Prof. Romani is one of the top scientists in Italy and received a number of awards and honors. Among them, she was the Winner of the 2011 "Jon van Rood Award" for the best Transplantation Immunology/Immunogenetics paper published in 2010 for the paper entitled "Dectin-1 Y238X polymorphism associates with susceptibility to invasive aspergillosis in hematopoietic transplantation through impairment of both recipient- and donor-dependent mechanisms of antifungal immunity" published in 2010 and selected for the 2011 Award, presented by Prof. Kolb.

Prof. Romani is recognized for her pioneering studies and scientific contributions which have significantly increased our understanding of the molecular mechanism of action of thymosin α1 and its role in modulating toll receptors and immunity.

In 2016 she was recognized Top Italian Women Scientist 2016,ranking 41 out of 91 in the Top Italian Scientists of Via-academy 2016