Takis partner of EIT Health featured in the film: Armed with innovation: The fight to beat the pandemic

Watch the film and get a sense of the incredible work of the research and innovation community in responding to the pandemic and getting us back to a ‘semi-normal’ way of life.

Takis has contributed to fighting the pandemic with its COVID-eVax, an innovative vaccine based on DNA platform.

A COVID-19 spotlight special edition

EIT Health expedited the initiation of activity to support the fight against COVID-19 in the spring of 2020. New products and services were needed including testing and diagnostics, treatments and vaccines, medical and personal protective equipment, clinical support, and patient monitoring. So we launched 15 projects to find and launch new solutions in these areas. Promising European start-ups were also struggling with the economic downturn, so EIT Health launched support to help them weather the storm and continue their vital work. Finally, we launched the ‘making connections’ marketplace which allowed those working in healthcare across the world to connect with others for cooperation opportunities. This COVID-19 special edition tells the story of the actions of the EIT Health community as the pandemic unfolded in an approximately 45-minute film.