Rome 10 May 2023.
Takis biotech is at the forefront of the development of solutions against pathogens with high epidemic/pandemic potential.

Takis announces the creation of an innovative and highly specialized laboratory at the Castel Romano Technopole for the study of class 3 pathogens and for the search for new therapeutic solutions.

We are enthusiastic about the recent acquisition of the innovative BSL-3 module, a latest generation tool for isolating and handling pathogens dangerous to humans, such as SARS-CoV-2, under conditions of maximum safety. This new structure represents for Takis, for the territory and for the country the opportunity to take up a challenge more relevant than ever in our time: to embrace a new approach to research against infectious diseases that takes into account the risk of future pandemics." declares Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO/CSO of Takis.

"After having developed a vaccine against Covid-19 that has successfully reached Phase I clinical trial, our researchers will now have the opportunity to carry out increasingly advanced research that will help prevent and address possible future dangers" continues Emanuele Marra, Chief Operating Officer at Takis.

"The COVID-eVax vaccine was developed at Takis and its experimentation started in Castel Romano as early as January 2020 but only by making use of national and international collaborations, has it been able to demonstrate its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 in a BSL- 3” continues Emanuele Marra, COO of Takis.

Through this innovative module we will therefore be able to quickly and safely evaluate new molecules, vaccines or monoclonal antibodies for the treatment or prevention of infectious diseases with a high risk of spreading. For example, for SARS-CoV-2 we managed to develop specific vaccines and a library of powerful antibodies against the emerging variants of the virus in a very short time. Not only. In collaboration with the Academy, Takis is at the forefront in Lazio for the creation of shared laboratories and for the training of highly specialized young researchers, of which Italy is still lacking today compared to other countries" concludes Giuseppe Roscilli, CTO of Takis.

The BSL-3 therefore represents an important investment in Italian research and in protecting the health of all of us.