Dr Giuseppe Roscilli is joining Immune Oncology Summit Europe, a meeting where Industry and Academic advances in this field merge in cutting-edge science and discussion.


  • T-cell technology including next-generation CAR Ts, TCRs, and TILs.
  • bispecifics: for T and NK cell engagement;
  • genetic engineering technologies for T cells, preclinical models, and production strategies, and focuses on specificity, off-target tox, and safety.
  • checkpoint inhibitors, agonistic receptor engagement, NK and macrophage activation, Fc-engineering technologies, and cytokine-based therapies,
  • Combination Immunotherapy for designing rational combination immunotherapies
  • biomarker- and mechanism-based selection of IO combinations




Giuseppe will present Takis' cutting edge technology to generate and select novel Immune Checkpoint inhibitor antibodies and combination therapies.